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GROUPE IDEC has signed a contract for the development of the largest logistics and industrial zone in southern Spain where 300 hectares of real estate already classified industrial land will eventually be developed. This ideally located development – connected to the rail network, aiming for a carbon-neutral footprint and whose first projects will be springing up in 2022 – illustrates GROUPE IDEC’s active pursuit of international development.

A new programme abroad

GROUPE IDEC and its teams dedicated to its international development signed the group’s entry into the capital of the company PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA (PSA) on 17 November 2020 in order to jointly develop an XXL programme in Spain. The two partners are going to join forces to breathe life into this area which will extend over 300 hectares. The land development permit for the first stage has already been obtained, and the permit for the second stage is currently being examined and should make it possible to launch the land development works in the first quarter 2021 and the construction of the first projects as early as 2022. A project that exists thanks to the unrelenting perseverance of Domingo de Torres and his teams to at last bring this major logistics zone to fruition. A success achieved after 15 years of efforts.

A comprehensive approach

GROUPE IDEC is going to make the most of its skills and complementary professions to ensure the successful development of this major park. In the same way as it provides support to its partners and customers in France and abroad, the group will rely on its professionalism as a planner, developer, investor, designer-builder and creator of energy solutions to draw up a comprehensive, made-to-measure response. Its teams will also bring to the fore their mastery in the area of logistics, industrial and agri-business real estate, three sectors that have illustrated GROUPE IDEC’s core business for more than 20 years.

An ideal location

This programme is located in the district of Antequera, supported by all of the region’s public, political and economic players, and makes the most of its perfect positioning in southern Spain to enable the development of significant synergies around the Mediterranean Rim as a whole, and more particularly in North Africa. Through its direct access to the country’s main motorways and a railway connection to the maritime ports of Malaga and Algeciras, it proposes all the levers and infrastructures required to develop a dynamic activity.

300 hectares dedicated to logistics and industry

With its characteristics and exceptional location, this new zone in Antequera brings together all the assets required to develop a logistics or industrial activity. The public players have already shown their interest for structures dedicated to the storage of strategic goods in order to meet the new demands highlighted by the health crisis related to COVID-19. A large zone dedicated to agri-business is also already being planned, where one of the components will be the transformation of regional and North African agricultural produce.

An ambitious energy initiative

Thanks to this park’s location, and on the strength of its unique know-how in the creation of sustainable, smart and connected ecosystems, GROUPE IDEC is already counting on opting for an innovative energy approach. Its teams are aiming for a carbon-neutral programme by exclusively putting sustainable energy sources in place (wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal). It will be possible to pool all the locally generated energy according to the needs of the different buildings installed in the park.


GROUPE IDEC positions itself as the benchmark partner for everything related to real estate, supporting local authorities, businesses and private individuals for the accomplishment of their projects. GROUPE IDEC draws on its in-house experts and partners based in several regions of the world to plan, develop, design, build and finance all types of real estate projects. With its subsidiaries, associated companies and local partners, GROUPE IDEC is present the world over: Cambodia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, UK, USA, eastern Europe, etc.

– Company founded in: 2000
– President / founder: Patrice Lafargue
– 450 staff in France, 1,600 around the world
– 20 companies in France
– 500,000 sq.m completed each year

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