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An outstanding


The gateway
to Southern Europe

A prime trading hub

The PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park benefits from an exceptional location and a port status. Its location provides privileged access to Europe from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the ideal gateway in and out of Europe to all continents, first and foremost to Africa, as well as America and Asia. It also benefits from the traffic channelled through the Strait of Gibraltar, which has the highest concentration of maritime traffic in the world.

100,000 ships

sail through the Strait of Gibraltar every year

4.5 million containers

are transported through southern Spain every year

A prime location
in Spain

A strategic location in Southern Spain

The dry port of Antequera, located in the south of Spain, benefits from all the advantages offered by the region of Andalusia. This region, which is the second largest in the country, is also the most densely populated. It boasts large, dynamic cities to attract companies looking for a prime location and is located at the crossroads of two rail corridors on the Atlantic and Mediterranean routes.

Spain’s 2nd region

in terms of exports

1,400 foreign companies

are established there

The dry port of Algeciras and Malaga

Spain’s leading and largest port area

The PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park is located in the heart of Spain’s primary maritime area with the ports of Algeciras, Malaga and Cadiz nearby. Through direct rail, road and motorway connections, this programme sets the benchmark for dry ports for these three shipping infrastructures. It therefore forms a strategic industrial logistics zone for the whole of Andalusia, Spain and Europe.

Europe’s 5th largest

port area

36.5 MilliON tonnes of freight moved

every year

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