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Europe’s first XXL positive-energy park

The GROUPE IDEC and PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA (PSA) are launching a new large-scale programme in Southern Andalusia. It is ideally located at the crossroads of the ports of Malaga, Algeciras, the Atlantic and Mediterranean rail corridors, making it the novel first choice XXL logistics and industrial zone in Spain. With world-class infrastructures and direct access to the largest transport networks, it has all the assets to facilitate the expansion of your logistics or industrial activity in Spain, towards Europe and the rest of the world, including all the North African ports. The Park has been designed from the outset around an ambitious eco-friendly strategy. It seeks to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint, and by using all the sustainable energy sources incorporated in the Park, it will produce more energy than it consumes.

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Over 15 years of development work

The GROUPE IDEC has acquired a share in the capital of PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA (PSA) to jointly develop an XXL programme in Spain. The two partners are now teaming up to breathe life into this area which covers over 300 hectares. The land development permit for the first stage has already been obtained, and the permit for the second stage is currently being examined so that the land development project can begin in the first quarter 2021 and the construction of the first projects can start as early as 2022. The project has been imported thanks to the unrelenting perseverance of Domingo de Torres, President and Founder of a group of transport companies and his teams to finally make this major logistics zone a reality.

A new perspective on real estate projects

We work together with the Government of Andalusia and APPA (Andalusia’s Public Ports Agency) , with whom we share our vision and our expertise. We plan and develop far more than simply real estate programmes: the PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park. The dry port of Antequera blends perfectly into its environment, benefiting from an innovative energy approach that targets carbon neutrality and that promotes social and societal dynamics. It includes all the assets to boost the development of your industrial, tertiary or logistics activities.

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Europe's first XXL positive-energy park

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Une approche environnementale et énergétique innovante

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