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Environment and energy

An innovative environmental approach

The new dry port of Antequera is part of our vision to create a new real estate concept. This approach is illustrated by a self-sufficient energy initiative that limits its carbon footprint as much as possible through its energy mix and the use of sustainable materials for buildings. This means that PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA is designed around an innovative energy concept based entirely on sustainable energy sources. The location and the type of natural resources in this programme make it Europe’s first XXL positive-energy park. This means that it fits seamlessly into its environment and makes energy a new and highly-valued resource.

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Energy, a new resource

Europe’s 1st positive-energy park

Our teams combined with those of our local partners make the PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park a showcase for their expertise in creating self-sufficient energy programmes. Through the introduction of a varied and complementary energy mix, this new logistics and industrial zone also offers an innovative approach that encourages the use of locally produced energy among the park’s various users. Surplus energy is planned to be re-injected into the national grid.

A self-sufficient and shared ecosystem

All energy produced locally throughout the park and via facilities on future buildings is designed to be shared by all future users in the area. Depending on their respective needs, the energy can be shared, stored or redistributed on the national power grid. Through this approach, PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA will become a positive-energy park.

Targeting a carbon-neutral footprint

We are targeting the lowest possible carbon footprint for the PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park with the objective of getting as close as possible to being carbon-neutral. To achieve this, our teams intend to use a uniquely sustainable energy mix, carbon offsetting and rational development of spaces combined with using bio-sourced materials that are part of a circular economy model.

Reinventing how energy is used

Since our creation, we have strived to accomplish virtuous property development projects, fully integrated in their environment. From the planning to the promotion of parks encouraging a good activity mix and respecting biodiversity through compensation measures we integrate this environmental dimension in the heart of our thinking.
The buildings that we design and build for our customers adopt this same approach in favour of a low impact on nature. The energy dimension is therefore at the heart of all the projects that we accomplish at your side. Design, sizing, production and operation, we steer all the steps relative to this lever promoting energy savings rather than the use of fossil energies.

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Wind turbines

Most of the park’s future buildings will benefit from latest-generation horizontal rooftop wind turbines that are currently being developed by the GROUPE IDEC’s R&D centre. They will be installed on building roofs, more precisely on the parapets, and will generate energy from the region’s strong winds.

Solar panels

In parallel with the installation of wind turbines, solar panels will also be fitted on the roofs of structures, and overhead shades will be erected in parking areas. Buildings will receive the necessary technical adaptations and will be able to capitalize on Andalusia’s generous sunshine to produce energy through these photovoltaic installations.

Geothermal energy

A complete geothermal energy system for the entire park has been investigated by the GROUPE IDEC’s teams in charge of energy matters. With this installation, all structures will benefit from a shared system to distribute cold and heat for their cooling and heating networks and systems.

Hydrogen power plant

The installation of a hydrogen power plant is under investigation for the dry port of Antequera. Its sustainable energy production will enable vehicles to be refuelled in a dedicated station. This alternative energy can be used for heavy goods vehicles operating on the park’s logistics platforms, as well as for private cars or other delivery vehicles.

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