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Multiple business activities

A vibrant atmosphere at the heart of a single park

PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA is dedicated to a rationale of mixed activities. By combining logistics, industry, services and a range of infrastructures in a single area, our teams are imagining a vast and diverse landscape for the future development of your business. This approach encourages interaction between companies on the same park, and facilitates the deployment of shared solutions and services.

  1. Logistics and freight
  2. Multiple business activities
  3. Services
  4. Rail terminal

An area devoted to complementary activities


The PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park spans 300 hectares of terrain laid out to host a variety of business activities. It comprises a large logistics area for the construction of your future dry, multi-temperature and high-rise warehouses as required. Preliminary studies conducted by our teams allow all sizes of structures to be built, from a few units to giant XXL platforms, which are in very limited supply in Spain.


A large area is provided to establish your future industrial sites. With its exceptional location, unique infrastructures and complementarity with the logistics zone, the dry port of Antequera boasts all the assets to facilitate the industrial development of your business, and to foster its expansion locally, nationally or internationally.


To respond to environmental, economic and societal challenges, this programme also offers spaces dedicated to tertiary activities. This includes areas set aside for offices, hotels, infrastructures to share electric cars, a hydrogen refuelling station for vehicles, catering facilities and training organizations.

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Europe's first XXL positive-energy park

Multiple business activities

A vibrant atmosphere at the heart of a single park


A full range of services

Environment & energy

Une approche environnementale et énergétique innovante

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A local and national project