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Assets and assistance

Major assets to boost your business activity

Our teams and our local partners wanted PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA to be much more than a simple park, they wanted a truly dynamic ecosystem. By developing a multiple activity zone and offering unique services and partnerships, our teams have conceived a first-class workspace to serve your future activity within this programme.

High value-added services and assets

Integrated Training Centre

Our teams are actively working to facilitate setting up a training centre in the heart of PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA in an Employment Centre dedicated to jobs in logistics. These schools will support local job seekers to redirect them into this key sector. In total, this area will create 3,000 jobs, all sectors combined.

New technologies serving logistics

To offer an innovative and connected ecosystem, our teams are exploring strategic alliances with prominent universities and research centres. These studies should encourage research and innovation throughout PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA and for the buildings that will be built there: automation, robotics, data, artificial intelligence, etc.

Shared employment opportunities across the park

In partnership with the various stakeholders of the PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park, we are going to launch a job opportunity sharing programme between all the companies established in the heart of the Employment Centre. This approach aims to make these jobs, which are precarious in normal times, more secure and to respond to the seasonal nature of certain activities in the heart of the area.

A port area status

Given its status as a port area, the dry port of Antequera offers several major advantages. By joining this scheme, businesses wishing to set up their facilities in the heart of the park can enjoy taxation and customs duties that are payable when products leave the zone. This aspect influences how you manage your cash flow.

Support and assistance from public authorities

Like all the projects that we undertake in France and abroad, the PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park is based on a philosophy of working closely with public stakeholders. This approach ensures the support of elected officials, optimal integration of our programmes in the territories and the development of custom aid, subsidies and support solutions for businesses to set themselves up.

A local and national project

Area of REGIONAL Interest

The GOVERNMENT OF ANDALUSIA has declared the Antequera logistics area to be of regional interest. Rapid development was permitted in respect of the development covering 300 hectares of land, with, at the same time, a proposal to set up important infrastructures.


Existing infrastructures, highways, motorways, and railways, as well as those planned for the future, impel the Andalusian Government to declare this area as being of regional interest and to play an active role in the project. Thus, the dry port benefits from closeness of the new AVE (high-speed train) station, a connection to the railway network for goods, and the boosting of motorway access by building a new highway junction.

Collaborative work with APPA

Andalusia’s Public Ports Agency (APPA), which comes under the Government of Andalusia that manages all the ports in the region, will accomplish the first development phase for the dry port in association with PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA. In addition to this assignment, this partnership with our teams places the PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park under the port zone scheme with all the advantages that this entails.


The GOVERNMENT OF ANDALUSIA has worked in coordination with the Government of Spain and with the European Union to put in place help through grants. That approach seeks to encourage the establishment of businesses for industrial and logistics activities in the PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA business park and to benefit from its prime location.

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