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ONTIME LOGISTICA INTEGRAL, one of the major players in logistics in Spain, has trusted the GROUPE IDEC INTERNATIONAL teams to set up a new platform in PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA. An agreement was signed between Patrice LAFARGUE, President of IDEC GROUP and Carlos MORENO DE VIANA-CARDENAS, President of ONTIME LOGISTICA INTEGRAL. A strategic location in the South of Spain and an integrated low-carbon energy solution have attracted this player who will benefit from a 20,000 m² temperature-controlled warehouse.

PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA, the first XXL park with positive energy developed by GROUPE IDEC INTERNATIONAL in the South of Spain, has won its first client. ONTIME LOGISTICA INTEGRAL, a Spanish company with over 25 years’ experience in transport, storage and global logistics, has chosen the Antequera park to support the development of its business and, in particular, to develop part of its fresh produce distribution activity.

A 20,000 m² negative cold logistics platform

This negative cold logistics platform will allow the storage of food products for a retail chain. The studies being carried out will allow the launch of the works of this project in the next few months, a timing that coincides with the end of the first phase of development of PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA. The handover of the keys to this logistics operation is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.

Green and decarbonated energy

One of the determining factors in the choice of ONTIME LOGISTICA INTEGRAL to establish its new temperature-controlled logistics facilities in PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA is the energy approach applied by GROUPE IDEC INTERNATIONAL and IDEC ENERGY throughout the park. Initiated from the very beginning of this program, energy is a central element with a local production (photovoltaic, geothermal, hydrogen, wind), decarbonized and shared with all the occupants of the park. This approach will guarantee a supply of green energy at a fixed and competitive price.

A prime location

The other major asset offered by PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA is its strategic location. Ideally located at the crossroads of the ports of Malaga and Algeciras and the Atlantic and Mediterranean rail corridors, it is positioned as the new XXL logistics and industrial zone of reference in Spain. It also benefits from all the advantages offered by the region of Andalusia, the second largest and most populated region in the country. The port of Antequera is located in the heart of Spain’s leading maritime zone and the 5th largest port zone in Europe.

The works of development of the park in progress

Work on the development of the dry port of Antequera began last June and will eventually cover more than 300 hectares of land. This will allow the first phase of the project to be made available, which will include 372,000 m² of building land. This phase will be organized around a 156,000 m² multimodal rail terminal and logistics, industrial and service buildings.