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The Regional Government of Andalusia, through APPA and PSA, wanted to give an important boost to this project by coordinating and partially financing the first phase of development.

Phase 1 is currently being developed by the APPA/PSA consortium. This means that all the development, roads and common facilities can be completed by the end of 2023.

The Phase 1 project therefore includes :

•          An interchange to absorb road traffic from the entire park and take account of the extension of the existing dual carriageway linking Malaga to Cadiz

•             A rail terminal connected to the national network for handling maritime container flows.

•             An electrical substation

•             A water treatment plant

•             A waste centre

•             Sewerage networks and raw and drinking water supplies.

•            Engineering structures to cross waterways and railways.

•             In addition to the private plots that can be developed, public lots will be set aside for the creation of green spaces and inter-service centres for the construction of shared facilities and services for park users (petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, ….).